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To Save a Photo:
Windows: Press ALT + PrintScrn (saved to clipboard)
Mac: Press Command-Shift-4, then click and drag mouse (saved to desktop)
iPhone & iPad: Hold Home button and press sleep/wake button (saved as photo)

Vest Builder™ FAQ

Q: What are the best browsers for Vest Builder™?
A: Vest Builder™ is optimized for Safari, Chrome, Firefox and IE10. Vest Builder™ is graphics-intensive, and best performance is obtained with Safari and Chrome.

Please note: Javascript must be enabled!

Q: Do I need to enable pop-up windows?
A: Yes, the shopping cart will appear in a new window. If it doesn't, please enable pop up windows on your browser.

Q: How long will My Saved Rigs be kept?
A: Rigs will be stored and available for up to 30 days.

Q: What if some of the pouch images from My Saved Rig don't appear?
A: Simply re-load your rig a second time.

Q: What if I find an error or bug in Vest Builder™?
A: Let us know via the "Send Vest Builder Feedback" link. Please provide as many details as possible.

The entire content on this website, including all images and descriptions, are Copyright © 2001-2014 by OPSGEAR®, Inc. The Vest Builder™ website and application are Copyright © 2001-2014 and Patents Pending. Vest Builder™ is a trademark and OPSGEAR® is a registered trademark of OPSGEAR®, Inc. All rights reserved.


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